It's worth noting that this is not my first day working on this project. It's actually my first week but I've been working on it prior just not making daily devlogs. So this is indeed the first daily devlog. Sorry if you have OCD and want to know where the devlogs from the beginning are and really they're just live streams. I may or may not go back and post the livestreams with a summary in text.
The day begins with me waking up at 7:27am after playing Manga Works by Kairosoft on my Switch and was judging if my $15 was worth a mobile game port. Maybe it wasn't worth $15 but I've definitely already have gotten my money's worth after 10+ hours of straight gameplay which turns out to be really fun and challenging at times.
I went to my only game design class, took notes; did some code. Then my second class was cancelled, so, I stayed in the game design lab on campus since it was now open for a while; and I got to work. Kind of. I actually spent $10 more dollars to get my own domain name for this website. Then I spent around an hour sprucing it up a little before sharing it to my social medias, professors, family; and friends.
With my measly barely two hours left to work on stuff I opened my Re:Coded project and asked myself what I could reasonably do with my mental capacity early in the morning and with my spare time. I looked at level 3 where I have it setup for enemies and went "Nope.". Which is pretty lazy of me since I literally have the combat for the enemies and player already coded in another project so I just need to drag and drop. But to be fair level 2 still wasn't very finished and level 1 also wasn't very finished. So I decided to start getting their level layouts finished; which for me a bad level designer is really challenging.
The first thing I decided was to add to the moving platforms, plenty of platform jumps in general; I wanted a little more spice. The core challenge of the level is handling moving objects that you have to platform on and you get new ability that lets you jump in the air and do a double jump. So I needed some more challenge to the level to really make it fun and the core stand out. Here's a video of my first attempt with the tilting platforms!

After experiencing the absolute instant evaporation of my player I decided to slow down the platforms. After a few tweaks I got it to a state where I was very happy with the way it felt. Slow enough players to use them as a platform and get to areas otherwise impossible to get to. Yet fast enough to make the player have to engage with it to not meet their demise.

Then after work I made the journey to the campus store, purchased myself some combos and a Dunkin Donuts iced mocha coffee. Once I got back to my dorm (Which is the suites which are basically apartments; college debt flex) I decided to take out my recyclables and then do some streaming. I went back to grinding up level 2 and got a final looking sketch that's pretty fun with minor flaws (in my opinion). I then spent a lot of time figuring out why the player couldn't always jump off of a vertical balloon platform which turned out to be because of how I was moving it. Fun. So I spent a little bit of time to fix that up and re-implement to find it working perfectly.
With the 2nd level sketch completed I go back to the 1st level to finish it and then polish both levels. The goal is to finish Chapter 1 by Sunday night. If the game is 10 chapters and each chapter takes a week to fully make then it'll take roughly 10 weeks to finish the project. After finishing the 1st level's sketch and doing some playtest runs it's pretty fun, challenging; and bug free. So now I can move onto the polishing stages before working on combat for level 3 and above.
Here's a fun clip of me playing the rough sketch of Level 1

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