Chatte of Dreams is this high quality project I'll be working on concurrently with multiple other projects over the next two years. Depending on financial success of the other games I may start on it full-time before that two year mark. It's going to be different than my other lined up games. It's far more work and will need way more art. It's going to be amazing. As of right now it's just a dream.
To get started I figured making the character scene will be a great way to start. If I just go ahead and get the character finished I'll be a great leap in progress. Here's the current state of the character controller at this point.
After I finally finished the very basic movement I went ahead and added gravity and variable jumping! This made the game feel all the more complete. Next up would be to make things feel smooth and start thinking about abilities to add in. This is basically where my design document ended and where I need to continue writing.
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