Re:Coded was supposed to be a 2 week project that was a throwaway mobile game used to sharpen my art skills. However, I'm incapable of putting out a bad or mediocre game. Which is a gift and a curse since to make money you need to you know; sell a product.
So, I've spent a considerable amount of time re-scoping the game and getting it to a more large scale without being too big. And now I'm writing like 4 novels to write 1; smart. I actually really do enjoy it because now when players play through the game they'll have so many choices to make so hopefully you doods won't be dissapointed. Each and every decision and micro-decisions impact the game to some degree. There's no throwaway decisions.
I've also really wrote down my current costs and expected costs. How much am I willing to put into the game. And how much I want to make in profit by tier. I have tiers from breaking even to "This would be nice but unlikely"; but hey! I live for the unlikely and strive to achieve the impossible. If I make 22 sales right now I break even, so it's not bad. If 1/3 of my Twitter followers purchased my game I'd break even. I already have at least 10 confirmed sales so make that 22 sales needed. Plus all of my asset development is paid in full which means I get 100% profit so far. I have high hopes. The real goal is to try and establish a more stable team and get working on another product as a team.

How far along is writing the game's script? Not far at all. Since I scaled the game up a bit there's going to be far more dialogue to it and a lot of optional story. If the game is 10 hours long the game with side content will be 20 hours long and have several playthroughs to see everything. I do have a lot of the stories and side stories planned either on paper or in my mind; they just need to be fabricated into an actual dialogue story. And I have to say this game is going to tackle some big subjects. 

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