Today was not ideal in an way and that's why it'll end in the most epic of fashions!
Godot's annual showcase has started taking in submissions for games made in Godot. Naturally I'm excited and need to get Re:Coded into that showcase!
But currently the game is filled with placeholder assets and just looks like trash; plus there's not really much gameplay. I've been pretty slow over the past few days since the biggest hurdle now is combat that I just don't want to work on since I just finished working on combat for another project. Me being a bit lazy has hurt development of the game and I can't miss the opportunity to show off Re:Coded! Plus I'm going to an anime convention on March 21st! I need to show the game off there as well!

So, I cracked open a Monster (Unfortunately the college store doesn't stock the Zero Ultra white and silver canned Monsters at the moment...) and got to work. I mostly spent the time organizing my project and making the structure look good. As well as reduce the amount of excessive scenes down to two scenes. Then I made one of those scenes into a custom node plugin for Godot which works out really nicely! This took all the way to 8pm to day and I feel like I've wasted so much time today!

So once again I'm pushing this project to where it needs to be. I'm finishing the first 3 levels of the game; tonight!
Now this is a HUGE order for me to fulfill. Like a big enough order to make me think "Can I even do that?!" and the answer is no; I probably can't. BUT! Saying I can't is quitter talk and I'm not about that. I'm about taking control of my actions and making my will into my reality!

I started the near impossible goal by finishing level 1. I finished adding the windows, replaced the old assets with the new; and got it back to where it was before I messed with the assets I had. Then I fixed up the level to look a bit nicer with some more atmosphere and I cut the dialogue from the non-visual novel sections since it was taking away from the experience. Instead I have a different idea for dialogue in these sections and it's going to be powerful I believe. I added some more atmosphere to the level by desaturating it a bit and having a nice fade in from darkness to fit the entrance into the level. I then added some triggers to create more camera effects to give the level that polish feeling. I then found a nice CRT filter for Godot! Which naturally meant going all the way back to the 90s. After I went and added more events around the level creating new effects to build atmosphere. 
I ended up being incredibly happy with the near end results. I started to get even more in-depth with the aesthetic of level 1 to ensure a perfect experience. I want every level and every unique game style to feel like it was created with purpose and not as throwaway section. Every bit of gameplay should feel like it is the main game. I added in some lighting which looks way cooler than my old lighting!
This is the final version of Level 1 for tonight!

Did I get to finish my impossible goal? No. But, the point was to just get really far into development of the levels. And I will say that the first level especially has come much farther than I thought it would in a single night. It went from a meh bland level with broken assets to a truly atmospheric level filled with challenges.

While I'm calling it a night without much progress done. I did make quite a bit and tomorrow I will be taking the day off for the most part. Sunday I'll be finishing Level 1 completely, then I'll finish level 2 and polish the player up a bit.

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