Another day another caffeine addiction am I right?!

I started today off around 10:30am where I rearranged my room to fit my desktop setup and my living room setup. I absolutely cannot stand my one roommate and playing Zelda the past few nights has been annoying. So, I fixed the problem with the easiest solution. And honestly it makes my room look so damn nice. Like all I need is some food in my fridge and I wouldn't even need to leave my dorm again.
Once I got that done I said farewell to my girlfriend as she marched off towards work. I booted up my desktop, popped the tab of a Monster Zero Ultra; and loaded up Godot to some DaddyPhatSnaps. I was daunted with the task of getting combat into the game; and I mean I would rather do anything but that. It was more tedious than difficulty; and it was definitely tedious. I got combat into the game though. It took way too many hours, like I honestly don't even know where the hours went. But I got the bulk of level 3 set in code. Then I went on to develop the rest of the level.
I got the first portion of village chunks working. The main mechanic for the level is combat. The player should be learning combat and that's the main focus. So, most of the level will be some small platforming challenges to create a broken up village atmosphere. And then a good chunk of enemies during these sections.
Here's the first chunk of the rough draft of level 3!
Then I went onward to create the next stable chunk of land which will be followed by a vertical challenge. The next chunk of land will move up and down. The player has to jump on it and then jump off at one of the next chunks. There's going to be 2 options. The higher option will lead into more shadows and they'll be playing a separate level. The lower option will have shadows but will be more platformer focused. The idea is that while the high road is the one you want to take to get better; it's also the harder road. Your insecurities will try harder to eat you alive; but the reward is much higher. The lower option won't be as combat heavy but will also not contain as much reward. The lower option will also feature even more ash mummies that will blow away when the player touches them to symbolize how we affect others by choosing the easier option.
As the player challenge the high road they'll start to see some greenery. While the low road will only offer more of a bleak environment. The high road will drop you into the next level while the low road will lead you there. This represents someone trying to get better but relapsing. And then a person who chose to lead themselves to rock bottom. 
This is the current look at the High Road playthrough

Then here's the Low Road playthrough
And one more thing to mention; you can completely skip the sword unlock. You can beat this entire chapter without the sword. It'll actually put you onto another experience that I'll leave to be a surprise.
I gave Level 3 an end condition and then gave the other 2 levels an endpoint as well. I finally decided to try and tie them together before going further. I noticed a weird bug where the moving platforms and emitters wouldn't show up but existed. Turned out to be an indexing error that only showed up when the levels were played from the actual game.
After finishing the bulk of Level 3 I decided to take a much needed break.

After coming back from my break of dinner and playing some Zelda BotW I finished up Level 3. All I had left were the fine details. The extra sprites to make the environment interesting. Events such as glitching and enemies. Then it was good to go until it passed the fun test and polished up.

As I log off for the night I want to recap the progress I made today.
I finished the rough sketch of Level 3 like I did the other 2 levels. Here's the rough version of Level 3

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