I got up at 7am and went to work. Got out of work and found out my campus's store doesn't have any White Monsters stocked; and the normals are just acid. So I braved a new drink; Rockstar. And WOW yeah 300 MGs does the job! I'm overclocking my mind and body today!
With my new found energy I plan to finish the rest of Chapter 1 tonight! Now this doesn't mean completely polished. Just the sketch of the levels and the maybe attempt the boss fight. Then tomorrow I can work on polishing them all up and getting them ready for a playtest from some game dev friends who've always had great feedback. I finished the bulk of Level 4 and feel like it's one of the best level designs so far. I still need to add some details; but I'm doing that Wednesday.
I finished Level 4's sketch and finished adding combat into the game during class which has led to this product:
Back in my dorm now I feel the caffeine crashing me so I naturally popped the tab of another one open; because that's what game devs do.
What should I focus on now? I'm not entirely sure since I don't feel fit to continue working on full mechanics like climbing. I definitely can't do mobile controls right now since the general pc controls aren't even finished. I can't really do a whole lot that's intense. I've done a lot of heavy work and I don't like to do a lot of heavy work at once. One thing of heavy work a day leads to the best results so far. 
I decided to start adding in sounds and music to the game; give the game some polish. And fix a few movement bugs. I got around the 2 minute mark and that's before I add the cinematic story telling stuff and me knowing the entire level by heart. I weakened the AI because they were kicking my ass before.
This is the end result.
Wondering how bad the AI was kicking the shit out of me? Well here's a recording of their original stats!
As I end the work day I reflect on what I've done and if I've done enough. I think I got quite a bit done. Finishing an entire level first of all is really time consuming and drains tons of energy. So the fact I finished it so gracefully without much holdups during the process if impressive to me. Then I got the combat up and running, added a couple effects and audio; and fixed up some bugs. The game's progress ramped up quite a bit and maybe not every chapter will take just one week; but I have to take that as quality over quickness.

Tomorrow my goal is to finish Level 5 and 6!
Then Wednesday will be Level 7!
And by Saturday I'll have Chapter 1 completely finished up and the two week development cycle will be completed! I can't wait to show off the chapter in it's true potential (Art will still not be the final art though)

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