I haven't made a new daily devlog in a couple of days almost. I may have burned myself up a little; but not with work. The energy drink I had was way too much and crashed me extremely hard and I didn't really recover until tonight. Coffee and some energy drinks are delicious and a nice boost. But once you start consuming heavy amounts of caffeine; you probably shouldn't.
Anyways, getting into the next bit of progress of the game it's not as glorious as I hoped but it's still a moderate amount of progress. I spent some time today getting the climbing mechanic into the game and I finished the rough sketch of Level 5. Which leaves me with 2 more levels to finish the rough sketches for!
Level design is really hard work for me and it's been draining. So I hope these levels are fun and emotional; I'll find out once I finish them and send them for playtesting. 
There's no funny stories or epic feats for today. Just a little update on the game's progress. Tomorrow should be a much more epic day! I'll be finishing Levels 6 and 7!

Here's the current Level 5:

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