From the feedback I received it became apparent I was trying to scale Re:Coded down so much to fit a month or two project for mobile that I was slowly forgetting what the game actually was. I tried to limit everything and it was fine at first. But then I realized a two hour game wouldn't be that great. The story felt rushed, levels just weren't there; and I want to bring quality experiences.
So, I went back to the drawing board and started drawing up the plans again; mostly for the visual novel aspect. There's now going to be branching stories. Which have spawned in a new Persona-like day to day simulator where you'll control the main characters life each chapter and explore optional content. How you spend your time will effectively land you on one of multiple timelines.
I have how the day to day life is going to work planned out. I'll have to do a bit more work to get things ready to really showcase but I just need to get the first Chapter done and polished by March; no pressure. 
I also have to rework some of the stats and levels in terms of combat difficulty. During playtesting the enemies would just demolish players; which is uh not really wanted. I want it to be challenging but not beyond Dark Souls challenging.
In conclusion, I don't have anything new to really talk about or show; I'm just going to take a small break. Once Monday comes around I'll start back up and get things going! I have artists that will be starting work as soon as I actually have enough to know exactly what art we'll need. There's a LOT more to do now and I'm more excited than ever! This new vision of the game (not a really a new vision but a refined vision) will most definitely bring a better experience; and I can't wait to share it with everyone.

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