2020 hasn't been a good year and I don't need to mention why. One thing that happened due to the COVID-19 outbreak is me losing my day job and losing my funding for my game "Re:Coded" which really hit hard! I loved the game but now have no realistic way of finishing until everything blows over. I got down for a while and just couldn't make a recovery. Lost my job, broke up with my girlfriend, had to leave the college campus; there just was no recovering for me.
Then one night I saw a video from Jonas Tyroller and it really gave me some inspiration and now I'm back again ready to conquer! Starting with my old game Wild Rapids!
I loved this game and had high hopes for it but just couldn't bring it to its potential; until now! I patched up some big issues in the game and started adding in new content and making it higher quality. New characters! New toy aesthetic! Here we go people! Down into the rapids we go!
There's a ton to redo so I'm spending the next hour fixing everything up! Things have been more or less smooth. I mean I'm taking a poorly created game and shaping it into something solid which means for example I'm taking someone's broken bone and keep fixing it then breaking it and telling them it'll make it stronger in the end. It's a long painful process of breaking things to get somewhere solid. 
One thing that got me good was the rapid riders and how to use them. After a few minutes of thinking of new ways to implement them  and I decided on something weird but normal I think. There's a rider in the raft seat they're assigned. Cool pretty whatever. They have an inactive puppet attached to them that will be activated if they're thrown off the raft. Then I decided "WTF am I doing so much more work when I can just go back to the old way of doing this?" and that's when I just undid what I did and redid what I had...Sometimes what you have the first time works the best.

Then I tackled the water which is really oof looking. Like some of them are just textured, others are just a clear blue; and some have a shader that looks bad on them. I'm just going to move them all to a toyish looking water look so probably a solid blue with some transparency for now.

The game runs really bad on mobile after I added the new characters which I'm unsure about. So, I'm spending a lot of time to fix this. Until the game runs really smooth on my phone it's not getting anything new. In the end I decided to just rebuild the entire game...AGAIN...hopefully I'll be able to fix the performance issues. If not I'm not sure the fate of this project. With a not even finished main menu that only has some camera transitions and buttons and a few 3D models it's already lagging on my phone...

After hours I couldn't get it to run good with Godot on my phone. And this makes me worried about my future projects in 3D with Godot on Android. For now I'm sending this project into the community and see if there's something I'm missing. But my phone can run FPS games on my phone but I couldn't get a basic main menu to run well. I'll be moving onto my other 3D project to see if the same issues persist and may move to Unity for 3D Android games
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