To start the day off I took a shower, picked up my dorm; and turned on my desktop. What a better way to start the morning with this wallpaper.
I got a little GIF ready for Screenshot Saturday and I really don't like the way GIFs turn out for my game. This one may be the last GIF since it just looks rough because I have to optimize the hell out of it so it's not 20MBs. This morning's tweets found some pretty good success as a bit of my tweets have been which makes me really happy! People enjoying what I make is the goal and dream!

I loaded up Re:Coded in Godot 3.2 and started working on finishing Level 1. All I really need to do until I get the final art assets is to make a couple of cinematic spots and an end condition. Both of which I have the answer to; I just need to implement them.
Throughout the levels the player will experience visual glitching from time to time that pulls them out of the current gameplay and more into a 4th wall break that breaks into what's happening in the real world outside of the main character's mind. I didn't add sound files yet since I don't want to just add garbage sounding audio to the game. I'll be doing audio work later down the road with actual voice actors. But for now this is what the first level looks like!
I can't believe I finally did it! It's only one of many levels in the game but it's still a giant step in the right direction. Most of my time was spent worrying I couldn't make a level look good and be fun. While I'll be adding some stuff to the level for more polish such as new tiles to make each section look a little different and more unique; the big stuff is done. I personally like the level and feel that once I add audio and final art it'll be a great experience. I still find it pretty fun and challenging at times and I've played it countless times. So hopefully others find it to be fun as well. Another big time spend was just making the tools and fixing the tools to create the level and future levels. Now that I've made quite a few tools I won't need to spend as much time later working on them.
Now to tackle level 2!
The biggest issue was having to recreate most of the level because of a couple game breaking issues. After about an hour or roughly more (honestly lost track) I fixed a massive bug that's more engine issues than my code. And it wasn't even code it was actually just node structure in Godot. There's an issue where Tilemaps with Kinematic collisions just don't work good as moving platforms. They crash the game after slowing it down a ton. Maybe this is because of the lack of a Sync with Physics option? I don't know, I'm a small time programmer not an engine expert. I just made the tilemap a visual and non collidable and proceed with KinematicBodies instead.

With lighting added and learning that the lighting 2d determines what part of the texture is shown based on the node's actual location and not the texture. So you have to offset the texture to make it accurate.

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