Since I threw this script out and am writing a new script I figured I'd let everyone read what I had from the original script! Please keep in mind this is a COMPLETELY different take on the story than the new version. 
Re:Coded Original Script
Chapter 1
The main character wakes up in a rush to check their game sales on Game Loot. They soon see there’s no new sales and panic. This triggers Level 1. It then continues with the main character reaching out to different influencers and then starts working on their own game. This will trigger level 2 and 3. Then it continues with the main character panicking that nobody got back to him after the day. Tries to calm down but can’t and heads out on a walk to clear their head. This results in playing Level 4 and 5. It then continues with the main character finding a new cafe that is focused on gaming and cosplay. It’s fitting for a game developer so they check out the cafe and order some coffee. Introduce Iris. 

Level Brief: The levels will be an action platformer where the player is traversing an abstract Hell landscape in search of the light. The abstract Hell symbolized the Dev’s headspace and the light is what he’s looking for.

Starting to work on a new game after discovering their emails were ignored, their social media count hasn’t gone up; and their rent is due while they spent the last bit of money finishing Grid Break. Looking at the start of an empty project they start to panic, they’re in college debt, jobless, need money for rent and food; and hopeless. 

A panic attack will happen throwing the character into a platformer tutorial level. 

After the player beats the level the main character will snap out of it and slam their head on their desk. They’ll complain about their life to give the player a sense of what’s been going on in it. They’ll  get a notification for a sale on GameLoot which gives them a new sense of hope and they start working on their game Dear Psychosis.

[Alarm clock goes off]
[Show Day and time over black screen]
[Fade screen in from black]

Main Character: Aaaaaah….Guess it’s that time again.
Main Character: I need to check my sales! C’mon Game Loot give me some good news! I need it…
Main Character: FUCK! Again!? Seriously still not a single sale?!
Main Character: What the hell am I gonna do now? I spent my rent money finishing Grid Break and getting it onto Game Loot….
Main Character: I’m seriously going to be homeless in a week…
Main Character: Ah Override my best friend; what would I do without your energy for me to waste?
Main Character: This shit’s going to kill me one of these days; I need to quit while I’m ahead.
Main Character: Then again making games is going to kill me; especially with this stress level.
Main Character: Maybe one of the game journalists or streamers got back to me. I could use some good news.
Main Character: Not a single reply?! I can’t believe this is happening. It’s been a week and if it wasn’t for this damn anxiety I wouldn’t even notice I launched a game…
Main Character: Okay. First games usually fail. I can still come back from this; I just need to take on some freelance work and start a new game.

[Typing and message sent sounds]

Main Character: There we go, about ten different applications just sent in; time to wait and see what happens

[Timelapse fade with the words “A wasted day later”]

Main Character: All bad news...they all got back to me pretty fast; just to tell me they don’t want to hire me... I guess there’s more job listings for a programmer but damn this isn’t going well..
Main Character: I can’t even look at this empty project screen anymore with a smile anymore…
Main Character: What the fuck am I going to do?
Main Character: I lost my girlfriend because of all the hours I put into Grid Break. All the money I threw into it; I quit my job to finish it on a whim of hope that I could get her back if I showed the success of the game…
Main Character: I sold my car to get better music and art. I threw my last bit of money into it. I even went a week with only toast to make it work!
Main Character: I DID EVERYTHING! PEOPLE SEEMED EXCITED FOR IT! Why did nobody buy it?... 

[The scene will blink like a person fainting during this section. Audio will be drowned out for effect. And heavy breathing will be the sensation.]
Main Character: Why can’t I breathe?
Main Character: Shit it’s all hitting me now!
Main Character: Is this a panic attack or a heart attack?!
Main Character: Please be the one that’ll make me feel better….
Main Character: please…
Main Character: i just….want….to breathe…..
Main Character: again.

[Scene fades out]
[Enter Platformer Level]
[After Level scene fades in]

Main Character: Fuck...I guess I’m still here…
Main Character: Still alive for life to torture me with…
Main Character: Why is everything like this? Why do I literally know nothing about life…
Main Character: If life was a game; I’d have the lowest score.
Main Character: And as a game developer that hurts the most.

[A notification for a sale goes off]

Main Character: NO. FUCKING. WAY!
Main Character: I GOT A SALE!
Main Character: I GOT A SINGLE SALE!
Main Character: Someone likes my game..
Main Character: That’s enough for today.

[The screen will fade black into the title screen “DeadCode: Failure is Likely”]
Chapter 2
Brief: With a couple of sales coming in things are starting to look brighter. Finally people are starting to notice, the main character goes out for lunch with their younger sister. Finally proud of their life. Then notifications start pouring in. They excitedly go to show their sister their newfound success. Only to find refund requests and complaints. Picking themselves up to do an all nighter to fix the bugs ending on a not so nice mood but not bad.

Level Brief: The level will be a more traditional styled platformer much like those the Dev and Remidy played as kids together. Remidy will be the princess in the castle. When Dev finally gets there though he’ll find out that he was the princess in distress that needed to feel important.

[Alarm clock goes off and screen fades in]
Main Character: Finally waking up in a pretty good mood.
Main Character: I feel like I can do anything! Like all that worry and stress is slipping away finally. 
Main Character: I’m finally seeing some success. 
Main Character: That one player was a big streamer and really enjoyed the game. A bunch of her followers went and bought the game so my bank account is looking healthy; and I can’t wait to see the good reviews.
Main Character: Money’s nice; but I really just want to know people enjoyed something I made.
Main Character: A creative without meaning is just a sad painting. 
Main Character: I know exactly how to celebrate!

[Phone clicks dialing a number and calling]
Main Character: Hey dood! I want to you out for lunch. My game is making some good money now and I want to celebrate. Meet at Noob’s Cyber Cafe? 
Sister: I’ll be there soon; I can’t wait to see a positive twist on your face finally!

[A drive downtown later]
Main Character: It’s been a while Remidy, there was no way I could face you before..Not as a failure.
Remidy: Yeah...that was pretty rough….I miss them too you know? 
Remidy: Next time just let me in a little more. You didn’t have to an entire year of no communication; not even a single text. 
Remidy: Just nothing…
Main Character: I know. I messed up and I’ve learned my lesson. Life isn’t just for work and people need attention to. I learned that the hard way…
Main Character: But, we’re here now and I can’t stomach anymore of the past. I need some of that sweet future; and I want to treat you to that future.
Remidy: I look forward to it. So, did you remember my favorite coffee and cake from here?
Main Character: I didn’t just remember it; it’s actually a special order in Grid Break that gives the player a special perk called “Siblings’s Bond”.
Remidy: For real?! You spent all the time away but still remembered’re something else. 
Main Character: So I’ve heard. To answer your question, your favorite coffee is the Artificial Latte very uncleverly named after the eSport team Artificial Immortals. Which just happens to be your favorite team right?
Remidy: Ah, I see someone’s been keeping up on their homework. 
Remidy: I know you don’t want to talk about any of what’s happened. But had to. I started going to therapy. I know you don’t think therapy’s for you; but I’m worried about you.
Remidy: It took you a year to get back in touch. It you to finish your game and make a living off of it. It took you too long. 
Remidy: I need you to promise me you won’t just disappear again like that.
Remidy: I mean you even moved to a new apartment. I still don’t know where you live.
Remidy: I just...I don’t want to wake up and see my brother’s face shared all over my feed. I don’t want to find you dead. I need to know you’re okay.
Main Character: I know. You know me, always caught up in my work. To me it’s not work, it’s my passion, it’s my life style; it’s my addiction.
Main Character: I promise that my new game won’t make me a ghost. Not this time. But let’s not worry about those things; please. I want to give you some fresh air with a scent of happiness.
Remidy: You’ve always had a way with words. A little too poetic and cheesey at times. But alright, if you promise I won’t nag you anymore. We’re both adults now.
Remidy: So, when do I get to meet this hit game? You keeping it a secret or something? I want to meet the lucky game!
Main Character: I can give you a code to download it if you want. It’s on PC and mobile. 
Remidy: What are you waiting for? Pass me that code dood!
Main Character: Give me a second here, I have to login and create a code ticket to give you.
Main Character: Alright here, you can download it right from the eshop on your phone. You’ll also be able to stream it so you won’t have to wait for the download.
Remidy: Cloud gaming has been amazing lately! How hard was it to get it setup for streaming? I’m sure it wasn’t easy for ya.
Main Character: Actually I just hired a small team to make sure it would run well and have full integration. I wanted to make sure it had a full launch where everyone could have a good experience.
Remidy: I’m glad you did because I get to check out my big bro’s game a little faster!
Remidy: Remember when we you used to have me break into the cookie jar and when I would fall with the ENTIRE cookie jar you’d steal Dad’s Specter Portable. We’d hide under our bed and play it up until the batteries died.
Main Character: I remember when he gave it to us. He was tired of us breaking the cookie jars that they kept buying.
Remidy: We were always super alike. You may be two years older; but you’re not really older. Not in the ways it counts.
Main Character: What’s that supposed to mean? Already picking on me?
Remidy: If I don’t pick on you who’s going to keep you on your toes?

[A bunch of notifications go off]
Remidy: Man of the hour; you better not keep them waiting.
Main Character: Are you serious?
Main Character: This could not be worse fucking timing…
Remidy: Is everything all good?
Main Character: Yeah totally, let’s just enjoy the coffee. I remember the one time yo-
Remidy: You’re the worst liar ever. What’s going on? What happened just now?
Main Character: Nothing, seriously nothing’s wrong. In fact I just got a bunch more sales; I should be living easy for a while.
Remidy: Yoink!
Main Character: Remidy give my phone back! Come on! Seriously stop!
Remidy: These are refunds! This is not “everything is okay”. This is the exact opposite! Seriously?! You’re just going to lie and pretend like everything is fine again? No FUCK THAT!
Remidy: You want to be in my life?! Then let me help out my older brother. For fucks sake, are you seriously sitting here expecting me to just let you spiral out of control?
Main Character: I didn’t mea-
Remidy: No! You’ve done enough talking. Like always. How bad is it? How fucked are you right now?
Main Character: It’s not your problem..You shouldn’t have to worry about me. Seriously, I’ll be fine.
Remidy: Just like you were fine when you drove to my place drunk off your ass?! Just like the one time you went an ENTIRE school year leaving our ENTIRE family’s messages on read?! 
Remidy: No please go on; tell me how unfucked you are so I can guess how fucked you actually are!
Main Character: Almost everyone refunded...I won’t be able to pay for lunch today..I won’t be able to afford rent...everything is completely ruined.
Remidy: Thank you! Is a little bit of honesty so much to ask for?
Remidy: If you bothered to talk to me ever you’d know how unfucked my life is.
Remidy: I took the pain and used it as fuel to get somewhere better. I spent everyday streaming a bunch of games until I found one I was good at. I played every second of every day living off of the money Dad left behind that you never got because you didn’t even bother to show up to the-
Remidy: I’m not going to even say it...I went to conventions, I networked; I worked my ass off to become a top streamer. Did you even bother to look up the streamer who streamed your game? Or did you just read the name and see the money flow in?
Main Character: I know she’s a big streamer...that’s really about it.
Remidy: I’m that streamer. You heard my name but you never even suspected it was your little sister did you? I’ve been stalking your game pages for a while now. I’ve seen you struggle for followers and donations; trying to get anyone to buy your game ahead of time so you can finish it.
Remidy: I never offered to help you out because you never bothered to come back home.
Remidy: You know they died because of you right? You stressed them both out so much they ended up splitting. They ended up dying! I’m trying to keep it together but I just can’t anymore!
Main Character: It’s happening again…
Main Character: Just like before….
Main Character: Why am I such a fuck up?
Main Character: why is life so hard?
Main Character: i...just want to games…
Main Character: i want to fix…
Main Character: the pain

[Enter Level]
[After level ends]

Main Character: I get it. I get it! I really screwed up. I know. I wasn’t there much after highschool. I stressed everyone out. I killed my own parents because of my decisions. 
Main Character: I never asked for any of this! I did horribly in highschool.
Main Character: I was told by everyone else I wouldn’t amount to anything.
Main Character: I just wanted to make people smile!
Main Character: If only for a fraction of a second.
Main Character: That’s all I wanted.
Main Character: Our parents didn’t die because of me. They died because of a drunk driver that hit them after you called them freaking out because I drove to your place drunk.
Main Character: I could’ve killed someone that night too.
Main Character: I haven’t been exactly me in a long time. Nobody ever offered a hand to me. I couldn’t afford therapy. I couldn’t afford friends. I couldn’t even afford family it seems.
Main Character: The blame has always been on me. But let’s just move on with life and stop living in the past. I’m homeless soon. Give me a two months to make a new game. Just two months to try again at life. 
Main Character: You spent our inheritance money and I don’t blame you. But, can you let me stay with you for that long so I can live a better life?
Remidy: Of course you can..
Remidy: I’m just tired...ya know?
Main Character: I know better than most.
Main Character: 

[Chapter fades out with the words “What you take for granted won’t always grant you a second audience.”]
Chapter 3
Brief: The Dev is going to be starting his new game at his Sister’s apartment. He’s going to be spending a lot of time creating this game which upsets his sister. She wanted him to work moderately and take care of his life; but he’s not. She confronts him

Level Brief: The Dev’s new game

[Typing sounds]
Remidy: Have you taken a break yet today?

Dev: I’ve been working on Grid Break. There’s just so many bug fixes and wanted features I’m trying to add to fix the negative reviews

Remidy: You can’t fix people’s opinions, just make another game and chill for a bit.

Dev: It’s not that simple. If I leave this game broken and accept the few sales I’ve had that weren’t refunded I’d have some money sure. 

Dev: But, my reputation would be broken forever.

Dev: This one person wrote “This game should have a built in refund button”

Dev: Then another person wrote “Playing as both a good citizen and a rebellious citizen is nearly impossible. Both have such ridiculous requirements. Try balancing your game?”

Dev: I can go on for hours over all of these negative reviews.

Remidy: Haters gonna hate. What can you do about it? I just move onto the next stream.

Dev: I’m not a streamer. I can’t just move on to the next game. My reputation will impact my next game’s sales. So if I can’t fix this game then am I really even a decent game developer?

Dev: I have to keep working on this game until it’s good. 
Dev: I need to show everyone I can make a good game.
Dev: If I can’t fix a few bugs what am I really worth?
Dev: This is something I have to do.

(Montage of typing)

Dev: Finally, I got some of the big bugs patched. 

Dev: I just have to publish the new patch and then I’m good for a while.

Remidy: You’re still working?!

Dev: Yeah, I have to fix the bugs quickly. People won’t like having to wait a long time to get fixes to a game they paid for. The faster I fix them the better it’ll be received.

Remidy: I don’t care. You promised you’d work less and relax more.

Remidy: Those were the conditions I allowed you to stay here under. And you broke them...just like always….

Dev: That’s not fair Remidy, I work less and I’ll relax more but I have to finish these patches or I’ll be making my next game on masochist mode.

Remidy: I don’t care. Your health should come first, you’re wasting your life away working like this.

Dev: You may see it as a waste. A lot of people do. But to me this is my life. Creating experiences for others to enjoy and hopefully make them smile. To me it’s not a waste. Sitting around playing games and watching videos online all day is

Remidy: You need to spend time away from the keyboard too or what happens when you start doing bad and can’t finish your updates then? Is it worth hurting yourself over?

Dev: I guess you got a point there

Remidy: Why don’t we do a chill sibling stream? You can talk about your game a bit, we can have fun like we used; and most importantly you’ll be relaxing.

Dev: I guess that could be fun.

[Nice picture of a the two playing a game with speech bubbles]

Remidy: You got him! Just get the shot he’s behind the dumpster!

Dev: I don’t where that’s at…


Remidy: Nice shot!

Remidy: There’s someone camping in the house over there. Watch this.

[Loud explosion noise]

Dev: You can just blow up entire buildings?

Remidy: Yeah dood, games are pretty sweet now. I’m surprised you’re surprised.

Dev: I guess I’ve been a bit stuck in my own game that I haven’t seen what’s going on around me.

Remidy: Well take it in now!

Remidy: Oh someone wants to know what games you’ve made.

Dev: Well besides some old college class projects and jam games my only commercial game is Grid Break on Game Loot.

Remidy: They want to know why you’re making games if your game failed?

Dev: I’m currently working on fixing it up to draw back people who were unhappy and give those who stuck around a more quality game.

Dev: Success isn’t always found in a dollar sign. 

Dev: For me it’s about making someone smile.

Remidy: It seems like you’ve won over a lot of people on here.

Remidy: We should definitely collaborate on your next game! Like you could add me in as a character or something and we can have a whole streamer and dev special on here!

Dev: That could be really fun and awesome. When I get that far I’ll definitely think about it.

Remidy: What’s there to think about? Let’s just do it! What do you doods think?

Dev: It’s not really about not wanting to. It’s about what’s best for the game.

Dev: My next game is very serious and story driven. So everyone will be able to make their own character and make it personal. 

Remidy: Well you could add specific things so I can make me and give it a special achievement people can unlock with my knights getting the first glimpse of that secret?

Dev: Knights?

Remidy: That’s what I call my followers.

Dev: I don’t know….that seems like it wouldn’t really fit the game or is needed really…

Remidy: C’mon you’re my brother, let’s just do it for fun! 

Remidy: It doesn’t have to be so serious does it?

Remidy: You could even add in voice lines and if you use my character you get special voice lines.

Remidy: WiseOwl thinks you should add a streamer DLC pack so they can play as their favorite streamers.

Remidy: EcchiSketch is asking if there will be swimsuit options for the characters?

Remidy: CrystalPuppet wants to know if there will be magic in your game?

Dev: Breathe in.

Dev: Breathe out.

Dev: It’s not working…

Dev: There’s just so much input…

Dev: Why can’t everyone shut the fuck up?!

Dev: Why does everyone need to have my game their way?

Dev: It’s MY experience! If you don’t like it then just leave me alone!

Dev: I didn’t go indie to be controlled!

Dev: I just want people to smile and enjoy my games!

Dev: here….i go….

Dev: again...

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